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We are the Southern New Hampshire Baseball League (SNHBL).  Established in 2001 by legendary first baseman Matthew Bouvier, the league yielded 4 teams.  Matt served as league president for  three years, before dissolving his team and relinquishing control to current president, Matthew Larochelle. Read more »


SNHBL Tryouts will be in late March/early April – please email info@snhbaseball.org to reserve your spot or request more information.  In the email, please provide the following:

·         Name

·         Age

·         Position(s) played (and let us know if you’re interested in pitching at the tryout)


Congratulations to the Raphael Club Black Sox — 2012 SNHBL Champions!


Previous League Champions

2001 - Rockies    2005 - Crackas        2009 - Angry Dragons
2002 - Mets        2006 - Crackas        2010 - Giants
2003 - Crackas   2007 - Black Sox     2011 - Black Sox
2004 - Crackas   2008 – Giants             2012 – Black Sox



Raphael Club Black Sox

Frank's Signs Giants





Nashua Swindlers